Streetwise Security SOS Pull Pin Alarm w/Strobe Light

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Streetwise Security SOS Pull Pin Alarm w/Strobe Light

In 2013 there were approximately 2,000 collisions involving one vehicle striking another that was stopped along the shoulder of a roadway*. Many of these collisions resulted in death or serious injury. Collisions like these can be avoided if a disabled car can be clearly seen by other motorists. With the highly visible Spot Me Flag, which can be seen up to a half-mile away, motorists can't help but notice a stopped car. The Spot Me Flag has a powerful ceramic magnet so it can easily attach to the side or rooftop of a car. The grade 5 magnet, with a pull strength of 72 pounds, will keep the Spot Me Flag in place even in bad weather. The reflective yellow flag, measuring 12" by 13.5", can be seen day or night up to half a mile away, giving approaching drivers plenty of time to recognize the potential danger and to decelerate and/or steer clear of any disabled vehicles and pedestrians.


  • Highly Visible: flag can be seen up to a half-mile away, day or night
  • Strong Magnet: grade 5 Ceramic with a pull strength of 72 pounds
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Convenient: easy to store in a vehicles glove box or trunk


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